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The Cigar Exchange is the Exclusive Retailer for Atabey

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The Atabey and Firecracker now exclusively at The Cigar Exchange

The Atabey and Firecracker now exclusively at The Cigar Exchange

The Cigar Exchange is the preferred partner for Atabey and we are proud to feature the highly rated and widely regarded Atabey Cigar line. The Cigar Exchange is the only place in Wilmington where you will find a range of the amazing Atabey Cigars. Come and select an Atabey Cigar and experience one of the best cigars in production.

Atabey cigars are produced in limited quantities by the “Selected Tobacco” factory in Costa Rica but not using Costa Rican Tobacco. Aged for a minimum of 5 years post-roll, the Atabey offers a very complex experience.

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian

  • Binder: Undisclosed

  • Filler: Undisclosed, Peruvian

The names of different formats Atabey cigar brand are associated with these spiritual ceremonies: Ídolos, Divinos, Brujos, Sabios, Delirios, Ritos

A History of Atabey

It was the Taino Indians who first smoked a primitive form of what we call today cigars.

It was during the full moon that the Taino Indians, in religious fashion, all carrying in their hands tobacco leaves rolled as a cigar, would light the cigars while in prayer. The Taino’s would form a circle of worship known as cohiba and smoke their cigars. Unique rituals performed by men of the tribe around the leader and wizard of the tribe, called Bejique or behike of the Tribe.

When the Taino Indians went into a state of delirium by the smoke, they would then blow the smoke over the wise leader, the behike, who was in the middle of the circle, so that with his divine powers raised to heaven, through the smoke he received, he would give those prayers to the goddess idol Atabey.

Atabey is Supreme deity of the Taino Indians.

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